Saturday, February 19, 2011

And Auerbach Taketh Away

When legislative leadership once again gets busted for arranging a secret meeting with the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency, they come out with a brilliant public relations campaign declaring that the RRA has received an "A+" (yes that's tongue in cheek) by the NYSDEC for cleaning up its act.  At a private tour on Wednesday, February 16th, the DEC went out to inspect the RRA's progress in mitigating the environmental mess that had been ongoing.  In attendance was DEC big wigs William Janeway, Region 3 Director; Thomas Rudolf, Region 3 Regional Engineer; Martin Brand,Regional Material Management Supervisor; Dave Pollock, Regional Enforcement Engineer; and Larry Ricci, Environmental Monitor. “It was a pleasure to tour the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency facilities at Kingston and New Paltz. DEC appreciates that a concerted effort has been made to improve the reliability of the operations,” said Mr. Janeway.

If you notice, Mr. Ricci is an Environmental Monitor which means the RRA pays to have their operations overseen by the DEC because over the years its been mismanaged to the point its become an environmental hazard. The WGHQ Wadnola show complete with Roberts and Frey sidekicks touted what a great job they did overseeing the RRA (even thought as past Board members and present Committee Chairs they were clueless), and a press release went out.

Then BAAAMMMM, out come Comptroller Auerbach with news that his report is coming out in the next ten days, and he will be seeking the DA's assistance in following up on a criminal investigation based on allegations from interviews and information from RRA staff.  Comptroller Auerbach has been a driving force to keep this County on target financially and oversees all departments operations. I hope that despite the political pressure he must be getting internally, he continues his work.

Green Tea Hippies

I thought this would be fun even though I'm a fiscal conservative, but an environmental "hippie" at heart. I firmly believe if we go back to basics and manage what we do, we can succeed!  You have to love the name, and remember it was the Yuppies that screwed things up not the hippies! 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Education System

So I'm told that my grandchildren wont be bogged down with learning cursive writting.  It's antiquated and no one writes any more.  They told me not to worry about my son's poor spelling skills because a computer will spell check for him...........yeah only if it recognizes the word.  So here is what I anticipate the great grandchildren to be like........................