Sunday, April 24, 2011

Golden Hill

Golden Hill supporters are well organized and committed to keeping open a professional care facility for any individual needing the service.  On the other side, all nursing homes in Ulster County are located on the eastern side of the County leaving the southern end without local coverage.  Arguably, Wawarsing and Rochester municipalities need a health care facility so loved ones can visit, and residents in need of medical monitoring that cannot live independently aren't so far removed from their community.  These same communities notably have a shortage of medical professionals that would add a quality of life to the area as well.

Unfortunately, as with everything in the County, it's a political football of personal agendas, concerned CSEA workers, and reports slanted in the direction of preferable decisions.  As elected officials, the desire of constituents should be the driving force of County legislative voting.  It is also the officials obligation to educate the constituent so they fully understand the issue including its cost and effect.  For instance, updating the Golden Hill facility will cost up to 85 million which will be past on to all tax payers.  The County will still have to pay medicaid, and get approval from the State to sell the Golden Hill license before the transaction is complete. 

This is not and will not be an easy process given the mix of political flavors involved, but keep the letters of support for all alternatives pouring in to your elected officials.  As with the right to have every vote counted, so should your opinion be on a County issue.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just A Thought

Government never runs like a well managed household.  A budget is prepared, voted on, and every last penny spent or you don't get the same amount in next year's buget.  Or so I was told.  Yet the new Director of Health with his MBA has cut one million dollars from the Health Department line and he was given the Mental Health department to work his fiscal magic.  I like the concept.

When I was younger, I kept my household budget in check by putting money in envelopes, and when it was gone that was it.  as I got older I thought it would be great to try and keep up with my neighbors, and although I can't complain about what I have, I work too much to enjoy it...........and I'm getting old fast.  So Ive some to the realization that cash is great, and I won't buy anything without it.  No credit cards. I live simpler and I enjoy it.

If I made this choice, I would expect the officials I elected to continue this practice in open government.  Don't bond for vehicles, don't spend money on mandates that don't have overwhelming returns, and if your envelope is empty at the end of the week stop the spending.  You see as Americans we aren't so dumb, and you as officials only know what's best for us if you are genuinely committed to listening.  I honestly wouldn't mind if you hired more people to investigate welfare fraud so the truly needy were the only ones that get assistance, and equally if some folks loose their jobs because the personnel budget is too high that's unfortunate but necessary..........remember there is attrition.  Over 100 properties were up for auction on April 13th, that can't mean that things are going well.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why We Really Elected You

I had the need for some input so I began scrolling through the news after simply doing an engine search on "news"...mmmmmmmmmmmm "Knit your Own Royal Wedding", ""Love you body like Neve Campbell, "How about Federal Debt Ceiling to be Hit by May 15th. Ceiling....what ceiling.  Do you mean that our elected officials have maxed out their credit cards (sorry) our credit cards, and now they are discussing raising their limits?  My daughter did that with my credit card when she went to college, and I cancelled it.  No raising the limit, no giving her another one.  If you can't manage a budget, especially when my money is involved then you're done.

Now what this is all leading to is that our local officials are so busy with smoke and mirrors, and mismanagement that the budget coming out in the next five months hasn't been addressed.  They're so busy cancelling meetings, then calling special sessions (I counted seven since January), that they can't get their act together.  Hell, they can't even schedule a picture day.  It's April; the County book won't be ready until June. 

The resolution writing, committed legislators are being shut down by the old-timer pack if it doesn't fit into their agenda.  What a shame. This alone is a reason for term limits.  The initial reason for voting in our politicians is because we believed that they would make changes, help quality of life issues, and give us back the ability to live on what we make.  Yes we can make our own decisions, Yes we do know what's best for us, and right now we are looking for legislative action before you max out our credit cards and we see more people walking with backpacks than driving cars.  Just check out the vote on the Freeman's front page today.  Would shutting the federal goverment down impact Why?  Because they are doing anything either except misplacing 2 billion dollars in the mid east.