Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'll Spell it Out "Entitlement Benefits"

Entitlement - means it's owed to you.  Generally it's something you work for, is due, and there shouldn't be any shame in asking for it.  However, this type of Entitlement means it's "my" money.  Swallowed up in taxes out of my pay check before I even see it. 

Per the New Deal it's reallocated funds to help individuals over economic humps so they could have living standards equal to those fortunate enough to still have jobs. It means you still have to look for a job, have pride in ownership, and live modestly. DSS and the Safety Net were NOT meant to be a way of life.  Someone said to me recently when I said I needed to stop and get some cash; "Oh are you going to Walmart".  I looked at them and said," No, I work for a living".  End of that conversation.

How about EBT cards being accepted at fast food chains! That's not up to my living standards.  I can't afford to eat out anymore.  How about using your EBT card for cigarette, lottery tickets, and beer but being charged four times more so the merchant can pocket the rest but ...shhhhhh..... you really were rang up with bread and milk.  I can't afford any of that either: not at $10 a pack and $9 a six pack.  And thank goodness that not only the merchant got arrested but so did the 42 (and numbers climbing) EBT card holders that misused their cards.  Thank you, Mr. DA.

I would say that there hasn't been a good ole fashion protest or boycott since the 70's.  And even though I support small business, these franchises that open their doors so more tax dollars abuse occurs, don't have my support anymore.  Please offer to give them a job, NOT TAKE THEIR EBT CARD.

(I was looking for links to include in this post, but unfortunately that had racial slurs and vicious comments. If anyone finds a good article, please post the link.  Thanks)

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