Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Harder You Fight the Bloodhounds, The Louder They Bark

Reapportionment Year  Hugh Reynolds has a refreshing way of looking at things.  As an observer, he has caught onto what some of the political insiders have been yelping about.  It's too bad that most of the legislative body doesn't seem to have a clue about the "behind close door" politicing, neopotism, and cronyism.  The complainers, and powerplayers aren't the good guys.  In fact, quite to the contrary, they are pulling the political strings and getting their way to their benefit. They are calling the real movers and shakers dissidents that are uncooperative, troublemakers.  Perhaps the dissidents are really the handful of honest legislators taking there elected positions seriously and represented the public.  Thank you Ms. Bernardo, Petit, and Zimet.  Thank you Mr. Madson, Sweeney, Gregorius, and Donaldson. I wish you all'll need it to keep up the good fight.

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