Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ulster County Sues Over Muddy Water

Seems that the County is finally sprouting some and going after the City bully that has been calling the shots locally for fifty some years.  They have been dictating who, what, where, and when all in the name of that elite group of city folk that control the entire state regardless of the impact on other communities.

Residents of the Town of Wawarsing have been unable to drink their well water and in some cases lost their homes due to the release of water through DEP aquaeucts which raises the ground water table.  When the water rises, it back washes septic tanks and leach fields into drinking water wells promoting microbial pathegens (Coliforms) potentially deadly to humans and animals. This all to provide support to an area that virtually sucks the entire State dry of all political and financial support.  THANKS.

Surprisingly, the Ulster County Health Department never took a lead role and cited DEP.  Violations and fines could have been levied providing a source for residents to reinvest into their homes.  Unfortunately, additional Catskill Watershed funding from the 2005 Flood Acquisition Project wasn't received either to relieve distressed homeowners.  Well, better late than never.

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